A Trending Topic: How to Advertise on Twitter

Clients often ask about advertising on Twitter. Can you do it? How? Is it like the Facebook? Here’s the deal: Twitter, like Facebook before it, has taken its time releasing an advertising platform (with good reason). Until recently, advertisers have had to be creative to utilize the site with tactics such as promotional accounts, hashtags, celebrity endorsements, etc.

But now – brands rejoice – there are three options that Twitter has rolled out for advertisers:

  • Promoted Tweets: A lot more people will see your tweet, so make it good.
  • Promoted Trends: Get your brand, message, etc. on the coveted Trending Topics list.
  • Promoted Accounts: Fire up your follower count by being featured in the “Who to Follow” section.

But don’t drop the rest of casino online your social strategy yet. Twitter doesn”t take just anyone; you can only request to be included. If you think you’ll make the cut, enter here.

Check out this great infographic from Mashable to see the history of Twitter advertising in detail. And read the accompanying article here.




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